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Aims & Objectives

The main aim and objective of the Action is to establish a European Network to further understand chronic GvHD, through networking and interdisciplinary training.

We will improve knowledge of novel cell-based therapies and biomarkers through integration of clinical and laboratory databases and develop practice guidelines for treatment with the aim of reducing the burden of cGvHD. We will achieve this via specific objectives, including:

Research Coordination

  • Collect and coordinate the incidence and severity of cGvHD and use epidemiology and data on genetic profiles to more fully understand the potential of the disease
  • Collate knowledge on novel potential biomarkers (cellular, proteomic, epigenetic or genomic) for cGvHD and their relevance, if any, to the development of co-morbidities.
  • Analyse current biomarkers and compare with those derived after checkpoint inhibitor blockade therapies
  • Disseminate and coordinate stratification tools, based on patterns of disease, for cGvHD based on the current NIH consensus criteria which would aid in the development of clinical trials
  • Coordinate research on the impact of cGvHD on quality of life and economics in different European countries
  • Link with small/medium sized enterprises (SME’s), pharmaceutical industries and cell therapy industries to develop innovative proposals for novel clinical trials.
  • Assess clinical information for the development of novel personalised approaches to therapy and thus enable the concepts for the development of innovative clinical trials.
  • Actively involve less research-intensive European countries to enable standardised practices and knowledge and increased know-how across Europe

Capacity Building

  • Build a substantial, collaborative international network of researchers and Early Career Investigators bringing together multi-disciplinary teams, including haematologists, transplanters, geneticists, molecular biologists, cell biologists, epidemiologists, social and economic experts.
  • Create a platform for networking activities (consortium meetings; workshops and a global conference) to integrate Early Career Investigators (ECI) and introduce them to the interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary skills needed to enhance their careers in medicine and science.
  • Expand the network to encourage ECI’s from COST member countries, COST Inclusiveness Target Countries and COST Near Neighbour Countries to participate and enable standardised practices and knowledge and increased know-how across Europe by the development of Working Groups, Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs), seminars and links with Training Schools.
  • Training Schools and workshops will specifically relate to the transfer of knowledge to enable ECI’s and clinical teams to apply the new NIH Consensus diagnostic criteria for cGvHD and its relation to biomarker utility.

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