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This Action will bring together Chronic GvHD (cGvHD) researchers across Europe for the first time, creating a network of cross-disciplinary experts in the field.

Working Group 1



Daniel Wolff




Vice Lead

Drazen Pulanic

Dr Pulanic is a specialist of Internal Medicine and Subspecialist in Hematology in the department of Internal Medicine, University Hospital Center Zagreb and Medical School University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Drazen Pulanic





The development of an epidemiological platform on cGvHD within EUROGRAFT is a novel approach tounderstanding the disease incidence and associated comorbidities. Results of the analysis will enablea deeper understanding of the incidence of the disease and enable additional data to be included in current European wide databases for use in future clinical trials.


To assess epidemiological data on cGvHD in a joint effort of clinicians and epidemiologists in order to assess its impact on patient outcomes and response to therapy in transplant centres within Europe.

Task 1

To survey existing epidemiological data on cGvHD in participating transplant centres

Task 2

To organise two meetings per year in addition to teleconferences to discuss and analyse the existing data and approaches to enhance current common databases.

Task 3

To survey existing biobanks of cGvHD tissue and samples among collaborating biobanks for cGvHD research purposes.



Survey and report on assessment of data available in existing biobanks completed and results summarized.


Report on incidence of cGvHD across transplant centres in Europe Training School, “Epidemiology and epigenetics of cGvHD”. Six STSM’s across the Working Group.


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Other working groups


This Working Group will assess the type and amount of biomarker information which is currently available in the literature and assess those which are worthy of further validation and study.

Socioeconomics/Quality of life

CGvHD is a long term complex disease which has several co-morbidities and as such impacts on the quality of life of patients. By studying the societal impact of the disease via documented quality of life assessments, including reduced working days due to hospital stays, EUROGRAFT will allow an improved assessment of the burden on society of cGvHD at both the individual and European level.

NIH Consensus

The NIH consensus criteria needs to be implemented uniformly if diagnosis and treatment of
cGVHD is to be optimized. The aim of this Working Group will be to aid in both the understanding and
implementation of the NIH Consensus via Training Schools and workshops.

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