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Resources for Patient

The main aim and objective of the Action were to establish a European Network to further understand chronic GvHD and improve Patients Care.
You are a patient, welcome !
Find here resources, tools, videos to care of your own and of yourloved-ones.

General resources

A selection of files and video to help education and empowerment.

cGVHD Alliance

Empowerment begins with education.

cGVHD Fact Sheet

The less to know. cGVHD in a nutshell

cGVHD Discussion Guide

Discussion guide for patients

cGVHD Symptoms

Video Introduction to cGVHD

Video (in English)

Video Introduction to cGVHD

Video (in French)

cGVHD of the skin

Video (in English)

cGVHD of the mouth

Video (in English)

Ophtalmic cGVHD

Video (in English)

Genital cGVDH

Video (in English)

Living with Chronic Illness, Living with Graft-versus-Host Disease

Video (in English)

Digestive cGVHD

Video (in English)

Ask the experts !

Why are clinical trials so importants for cGVHD patients ?

COST Action resources

Find here COST Action production produced with and for patients.

Patient-reported outcomes in cGVHD

A patient centered study of cGVHD outcomes. A COST Action original publication !

Survivorship after bone marrow transplantation in Germany

A qualitative analysis of Experiences and Needs of bone marrow transplantation survivors in Germany.

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